More Secure Employee Authentication with Passwordless MFA

More Secure Employee Authentication with Passwordless MFA

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The pandemic has accelerated cloud adoption, remote work and digital transformation overall. With this reality, identity becomes a more important factor in cybersecurity. While traditional MFA is often a standard option, transforming our organizations with passwordless for our workforce is now very much within reach.


Join thought leaders from ForgeRock, iC Consult and Secret Double Octopus in this insightful roundtable discussing the need for next-generation authentication, including traditional MFA and passwordless MFA, challenges and success factors.




Dr Shimrit Tzur-David, CSO & Co-Founder, Secret Double Octopus

Gerhard Zehethofer, Vice President IOT & Technology Partnerships, ForgeRock

Dr. Heiko Klarl, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, iC Consult Group


Multi factor authentication, two factor authentication, 2FA, multi-factor