IAM: Globalization and Large-Scale Enterprise

IAM: Globalization and Large-Scale Enterprise

In the digital age, the provision and use of all IT as cloud-based services, including identity and access management (IAM), has become an important trend.

Especially with rapidly changing business, regulatory and IT environments, the field of IAM has never been more important and challenging – particularly for multinational companies that must comply with an ever-increasing number of security and privacy regulations.

Service Layers is one of the few players in the IDaaS market that provides scalable and custom managed IAM services with global support and based on market-leading IAM products.

In our whitepaper, you can read about:

  • IAM challenges for global companies
  • As-a-service model: How digital transformation is changing IT in businesses
  • Advantages of Identity as a Service (IDaaS)
  • How Service Layers delivers an IAM Managed Service with Global Support