B2B Identity: Where Workforce & Customer Identity Collide

A webinar from iC Consult on B2B Identity with SailPoint and SecZetta

When it comes to B2B Identity, the lines between workforce and customer identity have been blurred. Business partners like retailers, franchisees, agencies, and distributors require not only a focus on security and risk but also a significant consideration when it comes to user experience. While both are important components of any identity program, organizations working to manage identity and access for revenue-generating business partners must strike a unique balance between the two. These external users come with significant risk and they are also demanding when it comes to how easily they can be onboarded and granted access.

Learn in this webinar how SailPoint and SecZetta are helping organizations tackle B2B Identity challenges.


  • Dana Reed, Solution Engineer, SailPoint
  • Jennifer Kraxner, VP of Market Strategy, SecZetta