Optimize Your Microsoft IAM Solution: Identity and Access Management with Microsoft Entra and Azure Active Directory

The Microsoft Entra product family, with Azure AD as its core component, along with its many complementary tools, is a powerful, modern solution for Identity & Access Management (IAM) in demanding on-prem, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. It benefits from flexible application integration. However, the wide variety of tools and systems can quickly become overwhelming for today’s understaffed IT teams. Therefore, given the high integration depth of the solution, it is often beneficial to seek external support from specialists such as iC Consult to handle integration issues, initial challenges, and complex topics such as guest users, zero trust, and B2C challenges.

Our Services for Microsoft Entra Identity & Access Management

Building on our many years of experience in implementing sophisticated identity projects, we offer you customized services in three categories:

Entra and Azure AD Integration
with on-premises
application and IDM
process landscape

Manage guest
invites efficiently
and securely

Zero Trust
with Azure
Active Directory

The sustainable integration of Entra components into existing on-premises landscapes challenges many companies, especially in legacy environments where systems have sometimes been in use for decades.  Outdated protocols and heterogeneous system landscapes that have grown over the years are difficult to reconcile with modern IAM requirements. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of Azure AD and Entra, with years of experience in implementing a wide range of IAM products, and provide in-depth product expertise during integration.

Use all features at any time

Benefit from Microsoft’s broad IAM feature set: from MFA, Passwordless Authentication, SSO and SSPR to External Identities, Federation and OAuth to SCIM, B2C Journeys, Identity Protection, and Risk-Based Authentication.

Add-ons for complex problems

For particularly complex problems, whether Conditional Access Custom Controls, B2C Custom Policies, or Graph API, we develop custom code solutions and individual add-ons that precisely address your requirements.

Secure integration of legacy IT

In the cloud age, heterogeneous IT environments, older protocols and legacy IT also need to be seamlessly integrated and secured. We analyze your system landscape and develop resilient and customized solution concepts.

Integration of on-premises systems

Whether application integration or federation with proven solutions such as Ping Identity, ForgeRock, and others,we provide you with vendor-independent IAM advice and support for the seamless integration of your on-prem IT.

Guest users are a proven way to facilitate collaboration with external partners. However, you should be careful when collaborating with guests and allowing them to access internal systems. Without sound IAM and IGA processes, you can easily lose track of what access accounts and permissions external users have within your organization. Who is allowed to do what? And who has been invited by whom? Are there security gaps?

To enable centrally verifiable authorization processes, guest users must be consistently aligned with the requirements of your partner management and the associated policies. We provide you with strategic advice and develop customized solutions for handling external identities, showing you how to manage them efficiently and integrate them into existing landscapes.

Transparency about external identities

To integrate Microsoft Entra into your custom IGA tools, you must first classify your guests: Which categories of external identities need access to which of your systems?

Full control over the invitation process

Always maintain control over the onboarding of external identities and their access. Together, we align MS Entra optimally with the requirements of your business processes. Using additional IGA tools, we can also map more complex B2B administration processes.

Unambiguous identities

The level of Assurance: A B2B partner as the owner of a guest user account must be clearly identified in your network.

Clear identity policies

After defining partner categories, the next step is to develop clear policies for guest users and guest authorizations.

Use of existing internal and external identity providers

Innovative functions such as Federation can help you achieve this.

The number of successful cyberattacks is rising rapidly, with attackers using software vulnerabilities, poor identity controls, and insufficiently segmented networks to gain access to valuable data and cripple critical systems. This is a clear indication that traditional, perimeter-based strategies do not offer protection against today’s cyber threats. The answer is robust zerotrust models that, when implemented correctly, can minimize the risk and consequences of account takeover sustainably.

Microsoft Azure AD, as a consolidated directory service, provides the perfect foundation to authenticate users, devices, and processes using the zerotrust model to control access to resources, applications, and services. Dynamic access management policies can be created in the Azure AD Admin Center and via API, which move coarse, network-based perimeter protection to identities, devices, and data. This enables you to effectively protect your systems, including privileged access management and regular auditing of access rights.

We are happy to help you make your existing infrastructure fit for zero trust and bring together all the necessary components with MS Azure AD.

Seamless security

Zero trust reliably prevents unauthorized access and lateral network movements, setting the course for up-to-date, granular protection of your systems.

Merging existing systems

Consolidating your directories in the central Azure AD simplifies the management of your identities, devices, applications, and access policies. This relieves your IT team and creates free space for innovation projects.

Conditional access policies

In Azure AD, access policies can be adapted exactly to the protection requirements of the respective resources. We are happy to support you in risk evaluation and the creation of individual policies.

Zero Trust Assessment: Set the course for maximum protection

Implementing a comprehensive zerotrust strategy across your organization involves integrating your existing legacy systems and hybrid components. Therefore, the first step is to put your entire infrastructure to the test to get a comprehensive overview of your status quo.

In a free introductory workshop, we validate and assess the maturity of your zero trust architecture together and answer a series of questions:

  • Which aspects of zero trust have already been implemented?
  • Are there gaps, and what are they?
  • Which parts of the zero trust architecture could also be used for other areas of the company?
  • How can open deployment options be addressed? (e.g., in an on-prem, cloud, or hybrid landscape).
  • How can identity and access product stacks in use work together smoothly and provide added value?

Following the answering of all open questions, we support you in the next step, if desired, in the development of an implementation roadmap and the technical implementation of the catalog of measures.

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Your Microsoft IAM Solution in the Hands of the Leading System Integrator

As the complexity of modern networks increases, so do the requirements for up-to-date IAM. The optimal integration of your systems with Microsoft Azure AD and Microsoft Entrarequires structured planning and extensive, cross-vendor expertise. In-house IT teams usually do not have the necessary cross-vendor practical knowledge.

As the world’s leading consultancy and system integrator for Identity & Access Management, we are happy to assist you in all phases of your IAM projects. Together, we can identify the opportunities offered by using MS Entra and Azure AD, evaluate your current IAM architecture, integrate your legacy systems, and develop a concrete catalog of measures to unlock the full potential of the Microsoft solution. Even for complex problems involving MFA, passwordless authentication, SSO, or zero trust, we can provide precise solutions, including individual add-ons as needed.

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