A New Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Program for UNIQA

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Modernization of a legacy IAM system by reconstructing the software foundation; migration and centralization of numerous applications

Products and Services:
One Identity Manager 8.1


  • Unified IAM platform
  • Future-proof software
  • Compliance with all legal and auditing requirements
  • Foundation for role mining and automated role management

UNIQA needed an assessment of their IAM system and its update situation. After due diligence, iC Consult recommended a rebuild with replication of all functions as the most efficient option – and completed this task in just four months.


The UNIQA Group is a leading insurance group in its core markets of Austria and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Approximately 23,500 employees and exclusive sales partners serve close to 15.5 million customers in 18 countries. In Austria, UNIQA is the second-largest insurance group, with a market share of over 21 percent.


UNIQA has grown very strongly in the past decade. Its national subsidiaries are largely independent on the organizational level. As a result, IT infrastructures are heterogeneous, with Identity and Access Management particularly affected. Regional service providers operate the applications required in each case. Previously, a central IAM system based on One Identity 6 compiled the data from the regional companies. After this system became outdated, and an update by the previous external service provider proved difficult, iC Consult 2019 was asked to evaluate the project.


The initial workshops took place at the end of October 2019. In addition to having the current status assessed by iC Consult, the central UNIQA IT department also wanted to get an overview of One Identity 8 and its possibilities.

During further investigations, it became apparent that rebuilding the system and replicating the previous functionality would be more efficient than updating from version 6 to version 8 and subsequently adapting numerous, barely standardized applications. UNIQA agreed with this assessment and requested that iC Consult implement the solution.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it affected almost every part of society, including IT projects. As a result, the collaboration of the virtual teams in Munich, Vienna, Cluj, and Plovdiv became even more independent and proactive – truly agile software development. The result speaks for itself: The rebuild went live after only four months. Since November 13, 2020, all of UNIQA International, UNIQA Austria, and their active directories are connected to the Group IAM solution One Identity Manager 8, and securely synchronized with the central directory “uniqagroup.net”.

In addition to the purely technical aspects, iC Consult was also tasked with training the central UNIQA IT department. Increasingly, maintenance and operations can once again be carried out by the company’s own experts.

Project Manager, UNIQA

“Working with iC Consult was an excellent experience. From the very start, our requirements were understood and we felt that the technical implementation was in the best hands. This allowed us to fully concentrate on internal communication and to prepare our national subsidiaries for the new system.

Thanks to their many years of experience, the iC Consult team quickly found their way into the complex project and rapidly developed their own solutions, all of which won us over. Their technical expertise ideally complemented our understanding of complex IT infrastructures.”


The new system provides a solid foundation, with all of the previous functions in a standardized form. At the same time, it ensures fast, simple expandability. Various services that were previously connected to local IAM systems can now be migrated to the central platform. In this way, it was possible to expand functionality for UNIQA, while simultaneously improving the maintenance and service of previously less-standardized tools.

Last but not least, this offers yet another opportunity. In addition to the One Identity IAM solutions mentioned above, UNIQA also operates its own independently-developed IAM solution in Austria, which can now also be replaced. For the first time, a uniform IAM platform is available throughout the company. This is the ideal environment for further projects in the pipeline. For example, the new central IAM system will serve as a data supplier for future role mining and role management, largely automating the granting and revocation of user rights.


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